New 222.150 SSB starting this Thursday

    Received exciting email over the weekend.   NT9E Dave, from McHenry Co. ILL will be starting a 222 SSB net this Thursday from 7-8pm central time.   His grid square is EN52vi, and McHenry is about 60 miles NW of Downtown Chicago.   Here’s his email:
    “For Publication 

    The McHenry County Grid Rats will be starting a 222 net on Thursdays from 7-8pm starting Feb. 25th.   Net freq. will be on 222.150.   Net control will be NT9E until we can establish a rotating schedule.    I will start south and then (call?) every 45 degrees, counter clockwise, around the compass rose.   Hope to see you there.
     Dave NT9E”

     Please help spread the word about this new net.    It’s good to have a pair of weekly options for playing on 222.

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