New 146.460 FM Simplex net out of La Crosse area

    And here’s more excitement this morning.    WV9E Dave in EN43 Onalaska has been working for some time to get an active 2m FM net going in his region.    Last night, I got email from Dave announcing that they are ready to go, starting Thursday. March 4th at 8:15-8:30pm on 146.460.  
    In Dave’s own words:

  “Greetings all:

   As per input from various hams in the area I have decided to run the local FM simplex net on Thursdays evenings.  I will start to monitor at 8:15 and start calling “CQ” at 8:30pm.   I chose 146.46 as an operating frequency as there are some 2 meter ops in the area that have some of the old channelized/crystal 2 meter rigs and that seems to be one of the most standard channel/freqs.
   Unless I hear there is an interference issue, the net will be Thursday, 8:30 PM on 146.46 Mhz simplex FM.  The official date of March 4th for a start.   I will have an extended email out about the format in the next few days.  I will also create an information page on my website, check , any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks for your interest and 73.
Dave, WV9E”

     I email frequently with Dave, and know he’s been eager to get this started for some time.    This has an excellent chance of being a popular, well-attended net.   The La Crosse area has turned out in spades for the last 2 ARRL Jan VHF Sweepstakes, both on SSB and FM.   They have several active clubs in their region to spread the word to.   They also have areas of FM interest to draw on from just outside of La Crosse, namely the Dubuque IA and Portage/Baraboo WI areas.  
     I am also relieved to hear that this net will not be at 8pm, because I’m on 146.430 with our FM Simplex net at that time.   Having these nets back-to-back means that when conditions start improving, it’s possible you’ll be able to hear 2m FM simplex activity across the entire width of WI, on Thursday evenings.       


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