222 Sprint Report — 36 Q’s, 18 grids, 10670 km (distance-based-scoring)

   If you’re wondering about tonight’s 144.240 long-range net it is *ON*.   Scroll down a bit for the net announcements for this week.

   222 Sprint worked out really well here.   Guys out east said few got on.   Guys out west said few got on.   I guess I was in the middle, because I think I worked just about everyone who was out there.   Illinois was especially strong — half of my total Q’s were from the Land of Lincoln.
   Propagation was not good.   Again, deep QSB fades meant having to try multiple times to catch guys on a peak.   Nobody was stronger than normal, that I can think of.  

   Here’s my log — note that  for the 144 sprint report down the page, I used miles.   For this report, I’m using kilometers, in accordance with the sprint sponsor’s preference.     I had a claimed score of 10732 km in the 144 sprint.    

K9EA          EN71le     360           N8PVT     EN64ve     137              N9NFB       EN53va    68
W9RM        EN52rb    178           WB0NQD  EM29xd   710              N0IRS       EM29ve    716
ND9Z          EN54ug    79           WO9S       EN61et     201             W9GKA      EM58cp    572
WB8BZK/R EN52xc  167             WV9E       EN43jv     264               KA0PQW  EN33iu      431
WB9WKJ   EN62cs     94            N9LAD     EN62bv      79                W9GA     EN53we     48
WB8BZK/R  EN62ad  162           W9RVG    EM57rn    673                K0PG     EN61au      194
K0SIX       EN35dj     499           N8WNA    EN82jm    405                VE3ZV   EN92vw    633
N9TF        EN52xg     148           K9GY       EN62ba     176               K9JK/R  EN51xx    181
KO9A       EN52xc     167            K9TMS    EN52wi     140               KC8QAE  EN91bf    566
WB8BZK/R EN51xx  181             K9JK/R    EN62aa     176               K9MRI    EN70iu     377
K8JA      EN82ln      417              W3KWH  EN90wk   738                WB8BZK/R EN61ax 181
WA9FIH  EN61cu   195               K9JK/R   EN61ax    181                 K9JK/R    EN52xa   176

   Good to work reliable rovers WB8BZK and K9JK in each of their 4 N ILL grids.   Rovers really boost overall activity.   
    Very glad for DX like W3KWH, VE3ZV, W9RVG, W9GKA, WB0NQD, N0IRS and KA0PQW. 
     There was some local FM activity on 223.500.   N9NFB, WB9WKJ, N9LAD, W9GA, KB9Q and K9TMS all tried.

     Remember the 432 sprint which is next Wed., April 28th, 7-11pm your local time.
     Microwaves (900 MHz and higher) are Sat. morning May 1st, 6am-1pm.
     6 meters is Sat., May 8th, from 2300Z-0300Z.   

2 Responses to “222 Sprint Report — 36 Q’s, 18 grids, 10670 km (distance-based-scoring)”

  1. Dave Says:

    I need to move closer to the action next time…….

  2. John N2HMM Says:

    Todd have those boys point their beams east for the June VHF contest. Have worked EN71 from FN21 on 222 so you never know.