Rovers Announcing Plans For This Weekend

    See July 13 or July 3 posts for general info about the CQ WW VHF.  

    Here’s the known rover plans within a few hundred miles of EN63.
    WB8BZK’s plans:  
   “WB8BZK/R will be roving the Chicago & Milwaukee area for the July CQ WW VHF

1800Z – 2000Z  EN53va Hillcrest Park, Waukesha, WS
2050Z – 2150Z EN63ab Wick Field Park, WS
0030Z – 0300Z EN62ad Nichol Knoll, Arlington Hts, IL

1300Z – 1450Z EN52xc Reimer Reservoir, Palatine, IL
1545Z – 1700Z EN61ax Wood Dale, IL
1830Z – 2100Z  EN51xr Greene Valley Forest Preserve, Woodridge, IL

6m 100W (3 el and Loop)  50.190
2m 125W (4 el)  144.225
2m FM 50W (Vertical)  146.550

Best of luck to everyone in the contest,
Mike WB8BZK/R”

    Then we have the husband/wife team of K0PG Tim and K9ILT Pat.   Here’s their plans:

“We will be roving during the CQWWVHF using K9ILT/R.
Here’s an approximate schedule:
1800Z–1900Z EN51 Greene Valley Forest Preserve Landfill
1900Z–2000Z Operating in motion in EN61 and EN62
2000Z–2100Z Operating in EN62 Willow Hill Golf Course Landfill
2100Z–2300Z Operating in motion through EN62 and EN63
0100Z–0230Z Operating in EN63 near Port Washington, WI
0230Z–0330Z Operating in motion through EN63 to EN64
0330Z–0430Z Operating on the Lake Michigan Shore from Twin Rivers, WI EN64
1400Z–1500Z Operating in motion through EN64
1600Z–1630Z Operating from EN64 Hilltop
1630Z–1730Z Operating in motion through EN64 to EN54
1730Z–1900Z Operating in motion through EN54 to EN53
1900Z–2000Z Operating from EN53 hilltop
2000Z–2100Z In motion through EN53 to EN52

As usual, Murphy may ride along. Look for us at 144.180 and 50.180. How about a repeat of the June Contest conditions?
73, Tim and Pat K9ILT/R”

      Then later last night, word came in EN55 will be activated, with options for EN45/54/44.    Here’s K9MU and K9DRO’s plan — please note they’re only talking about Sat. afternoon, so look north early and often.  

    “Greetings all,

    Dave, K9DRO, and myself will be operating at the EN55/EN54/EN44/EN45 grid corner tomorrow afternoon in the CQWW VHF contest.  We will mainly be in EN55 to give out the somewhat rare grid for the contest.  I will then hit the surrounding grids if conditions and/or activity is good.  Please look for us!

   We will have 100w on 6m with a 4 ele yagi and 100w on 2m with a 10 ele yagi.

  The contest starts at 1800z.  The rules can be found here:

  Justin, K9MU”

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