222 Tuesday *ON* Every Tuesday

    Last week, I again expressed doubt or pessimism that 222 Tuesday is working well.  

    I received a lot of supportive email saying not to worry about it, and to keep promoting 222 Tuesdays.   I also heard over and over that guys are so busy with other activities in the summer.   Many guys said they’ll have more time for playing radio after the kids are back in school, when the days get shorter, etc.    Also received word from guys who have added 222 MHz, and can’t wait to get involved.   That’s music to my ears.  

    So I’ll gladly continue to spread the word about 222 Tuesdays.   I ask you to do the same.   Thanks to those who have helped already.   I think one of the biggest differences we can make is to let other weak-signal V/UHF’ers know about their options.   There’s still plenty of on-air activity; but often times guys don’t know where/when to find it.     If you like short stories, you’re done with this post.   

    Since I get newer visitors here all the time, let me explain what 222 Tuesdays are:
    If you go back to the 1980’s or 70’s, before the rise of repeaters, there was a ton more activity on V/UHF.   Ask any guy who’s been around 20-40 years — they’ll tell you.   Mondays tended to be 144 night, Tuesdays 222, and Wednesdays 432.    I forget what “they” did with 6m and microwave bands.    
    I got on V/UHF in late 2003 and at that time, K8TQK and K4TO hosted Tuesday night 222 activity from S OH/KY.   They have big stations and got out a loooonnng ways.   Don’t recall how many years they did this; might have been 10 or more.    They moved on either in 2008 or 2009, and then I heard from N8WNA and KC8QAE that they were now promoting informal 222 activity on Tuesday nights.    This was at the end of summer 2009.   I asked John and Gerry if they wanted additional promotion from me.   They said sure and that’s where we are with 222 Tuesdays.   

    You can make 222 Tuesday whatever you want to.   For much of the USA and VE, there is no single area of focus, no net control.    (I am aware of a Tuesday 222.100 net hosted from the Denver area.   Rocky Mountain VHF Group has been hosting multiple weekly nets for many years.   See  http://www.rmvhf.org/net.html for more detail. ) 

    222 Tuesday is a nationwide push to use this great band at least once per week.   222 Tuesday is only as good as individuals make it.    You get on/near 222.100 MHz SSB/CW, call CQ, look around with your horizontally-polarized yagi.   If you get in a longer ragchew, slide off the call a bit and let someone else have it.   If all you have is 223.500 FM, then do some simplex there.   Call around with the vertical and find fellow FM’ers.   SSB’ers, don’t hesitate to work the FM’ers.   You may make some new friends and perhaps recruit someone new to the SSB side.   
     I’m now convinced that most guys don’t  get on the air until after sunset.   Many are busy outside.   It’s probably best to concentrate your 222 activity toward later in the evening, especially during summer.  

     222 Tuesday is *not* about me.   It’s about everyone.   I’m sorry, but I’m frequently unavailable Tuesday nights.   The nights I’ve been out calling for an hour or two, I’ve had 10-12 guys in the log from multiple states or I’ve had 1 or 2.   I can assure you I do the utmost to promote 222 Tuesday every week.    I’m learning via email that other guys are helping spread the word in other parts of the country.   Keep this up and it’ll pay off.  

     If I’m out in the shed playing radio on a weeknight, I’ll be logged into the on4kst.com chat.   You use the IARU Region 2 chat for 144-432 MHz.    It’s free, works well, doesn’t bog down your computer and it’s always open for anyone to use at any time.   Well over 1000 guys have registered, yet on any given night, we rarely have more than 5-10 participants.   That one mystifies me.   I know some guys will say, “I don’t want any computer help with making contacts.”   I say, “I agree 100%.   But you still have to work the guy on the air.”    I have enjoyed the 6 meter chat for years, and it helped me become more educated and enthusiastic about weak-signal V/UHF.    That’s why I’ve pushed for the creation of this new V/UHF room.   I hope we see more activity in there.

3 Responses to “222 Tuesday *ON* Every Tuesday”

  1. Dave NT9E Says:


    I will change my focus on 222 Thursdays to Digital modes on 222.070. I will start out calling CQ on RTTY, then PSK, and finish with FSK441. I will spend abt 20 min on each mode but will change modes if I hear a different mode responding (Digital) to my CQ’s.

  2. K9MU Says:

    I’m in the process of installing new heliax and finally getting my 222 Mhz yagi up on my roof tower at 35 ft. I will be on 222.100 at around 9pm. I hope to hear some sigs!


    Justin, K9MU

  3. David Palm Says:

    I have a 222 MHZ quagi built and ready to put up on the roof tower. Between that and now running 100 watts, I should get out well on 222. Hopefully this fall I’ll be able to participate more. I love the idea of digital mode work on 222 as well! I’ll be listening for that as well.