CQ WW VHF 2010 — 31185 Claimed Score

    This was an OK contest.   6 was open in various directions between 2200 and 0200Z on Saturday, and then again a bit to the Carolinas on Sunday.   On both bands, rovers really helped.   WB8BZK, K9ILT, K9JK, K9BTW were all worked in multiple grids.   A few other rovers were heard — KO2R, K9TMS and NA9US.    Plus W9YOY, who was loud on 146.550 FM from N ILL.   Other than him, activity on 146.550 was very sparse.   Had a rig tuned to that for 80% of the contest, and heard very few callers.  

    On 6, I had 163 Q’s in 81 grids.   On 2, the count was 67 and 24.  

    I was surprised at how mediocre conditions were on 2.   Heard very little out of MI and OH, and only IN contacts were in the northern part of the state.   Sunday, conditions “looked” great to S MN, IA, MO and KS.   Called and called that way ( between 144.190 and 144.200) for several hours and basically got next to nothing.    In fact, I think the APRS map was somehow overestimating the tropo because I now recall hearing K2DRH (hear Bob often, hihi) trying to work KD0FEI in EM29 Sunday afternoon, and I could tell Bob was asking for repeats.   If cx’s had been up, that contact would have been a chip shot for him.  
   Was very grateful to work W9GKA on both bands right at the start of the contest from EM58.   Light signals, but good enough.   Never heard anyone else from IA, MO or Central and Southern Illinois.  
   On Sunday, I did catch a few new grids with WI8A in EN83, K8MR in EN91, W8ULC in EM79, K0SIX in EN35 and KA0PQW in EN33.   Also glad for WV9E and W9HQ putting EN43 in my log.    Want to acknowledge K9DRO and K9MU activating EN55 on Sat. afternoon.   They said it was very dead up there.   Also worked K9MU Sunday from home and that was the only EN44 I heard.    Oh yes, good to work W9SZ who was portable in EN50.   Think Zack was the only EN50 I got.    Learned on Monday via email that K0AWU and the EN37 guys were on with good numbers, but never heard a peep from that grid.    I called in that direction many times, but suspect conditions just weren’t there.   MN was also plagued by storms for much of Saturday.  

     Local activity was OK.   Not great, not lousy.   We had more new guys on last year.  
     One fellow who put out a strong effort and was often louder than locals was N8LIQ up in EN56.   Perhaps we had enhanced conditions along the Lake Michigan corridor, because Ed was often S5-S9.   W9BLI in EN64 was often quite loud, too, as was ND9Z in EN54.    N8LIQ was able to work some of the ILL rovers, so they did a good job of looking north.   
     I did work at least half a dozen stations in W MI, but only WI8A from E MI.   Weird to not have EN82 in the log.   Did hear N8IEZ and K8VFV once or twice, but we must have zigged when they zagged.  

     I was hampered this contest by not being able to rotate the 7el beam on 6m.   It was stuck pointing east.   Thank goodness I had stacked loops at 70′ — did 80% of my 6m Q’s with those.   I was amazed that K0SIX in EN35 and KA0PQW in EN33 dug me out with those loops.    (My 144 was fine because I have a separate yagi for 144 on a different tower) 
    Sunday late morning and afternoon on 6 was very tough.   We had storms blow up just east of us and they slowly made their way into MI.   Man was 6 loud with static crashes!   For a time, I was able to work the strong ones out of the Carolinas, but then that fizzled and by 2:30pm, I couldn’t take it anymore and shut down.

One Response to “CQ WW VHF 2010 — 31185 Claimed Score”

  1. Dave Says:

    Nice update and for conditions a great score for you, (I think).
    Here in the black hole signals were being absorbed by something as 2 was totally dead and while open nearly the entire contest 6 signals were in the weeds and tough copy. We did have storms Saturday, both of which
    were right overhead and caused plug pulls.
    Some highlights, finally worked someone to the NE, EN64, in a contest. ( You know conditions are sad if I can work Vince, K0SIX on 6 meters but not on 2, that’s exactly reverse of typical). Worked into
    EN32, a grid typically absent from my test logs.
    Low point? Only 3 locals were on.
    I guess, while looking more like a January log and if Badger Contesters ever gets approved by CQ I’ll turn in the log and maybe , just maybe there are lots of other low logs… I wont look like a pee shooter station again…. hi. Catch ya on the net.


    Dave, WV9E