146.430 FM Simplex Net *ON* Thur @ 8pm central

    Weather should cooperate tomorrow night, so plan on the 146.430 FM net.   I get on at 0100Z and call for check-ins first by local SE WI counties.   Then I open it up to “anyone/anywhere”.   We enjoy light signals and are always looking for more DX-type activity.   I have a vertical up 90′ from a good QTH and 200w.   I can also switch to a 10 el vert beam up 70′, if necessary. 
     IF YOU ARE DX and want me to point your way, it really helps if I get an email ahead of time.   Been asking for several months about finding more guys in different areas.   Haven’t heard much, but I keep the option open.   It would be nice to find some activity in the northern 1/2 of WI.   I know there has to be some up there, but I don’t think the word has gotten out.   If you can help spread the word, please do so.

    Remember that WV9E has Western WI covered with his FM net.   It’s every Thur. on 146.430, at 8:30pm central.   WV9E is just north of La Crosse, in Onalaska, WI.   His website is wv9e.net.   Both of us run these nets as friendly individuals with a goal of creating more activity on less-used portions of 2m.  
    If anyone knows of similar nets in other parts of WI, please advise.

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