222/223.500 MHz Sprint This Tuesday Evening 7-11pm

    Next sprint is 222MHz on Tuesday, Sept 28th, and then 432MHz is on Wednesday, Oct 6th.   Both run from 7-11pm in your local time zone.   Microwave (900 MHz and up) is on Sat. morning, Oct. 16th, from 6am-noon and 50 MHz (6m) is on Sat. evening, Oct. 30th, from 2300-0300UTC time.     Full sprint info and rules are at:

    In the 222 Sprint, your call freq. on SSB/CW (and typically horizontal polarization)  is 222.100.   Guys may operate about 30 kc either side, to reduce congestion.   A 222 event will get a fair amount of activity on the FM simplex portion, right on 223.500 or nearby.   It pays to use 223.500 FM to find contacts.   Try vertical pol. first, but if you have both antenna options, then you increase your chances.   

    My plans Tuesday night are to get on for a while.   My 222 SSB antennas are stuck pointed east.   Means I’ll get Worked All Detroit/Windsor and Cleveland again.   I’ll also hear a fair amount of locals and semi-locals even off the back.   I hear better on 222 than any other band, easily.   
    I now have a 10el vertical beam for 223.500 FM that’s on a separate tower and that one IS rotating.   I imagine I’ll be looking around, calling CQ a fair amount on 223.500.  

    If you have 222 SSB or even FM gear for 223.500, I encourage you to get on Tuesday evening.   Should be a beautiful night in the Midwest.   Is anyone going /P or /R with their setup?   Even an FM-only guy up on a high hill could make a nice difference.

    If you don’t know of anyone in your area with 222 SSB or 223.500 FM gear, do a little promoting.   Ask around on the air with your locals; you may find some eager to use their rigs.   That’s what 222 Tuesdays are for.   I know there was a Jetstream 220 rig (FM) that got a great review in QST — check the Jan. 2010 issue of QST.   It’s the Jetstream JT220M, 50 watt output.   You can also see what hams themselves have to say about that rig at    http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/8338   That eham.net is a great site for searching thru 1000’s of product reviews.  Reviews about rigs, antennas, amps, coax, accessories — the whole 9 yards.

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