REMEMBER — 144.240 Wed. SSB Net Now Starts at 0000Z/7pm Central/8pm Eastern AND K8TQK EM89 Will Now Help With Wed. Nights

    Hope we don’t lose too many of you with the time change on Wed. nights.   We’ll be starting one hour earlier until next spring.  
    I know that this Wed. (Sept. 29th) I will be net control for 144.240.   I will do the same rotation — start out looking N into NE WI and the U.P of MI.   Then go slowly clockwise, or NE, E, SE, S, SW, W and NW over the next hour and a half.  
    I also know that KA0KYZ in EN33 is unavailable on Wed. so 144.230 will be quiet for a week.   Of course, anyone can pick up the mic and call CQ.   You’ll probably have some guys happy for the activity.   KA0KYZ has been getting activity from WI, IA, MN, MO, KS, NE and the Dakotas.   I know he’s eager to resume things, starting in October.  

    The exciting news is that this Wed. K8TQK is going to put his big 2m signal to work from EM89, southern Ohio.   He’s going to start stirring up activity Wed. evenings, in areas we can’t reach.   When Bob and I are able to talk for a while on the phone, we’ll iron out the details and post them here.  
    The big picture is that on Wed. night (probably about 8-8:30pm eastern time) if you’re in a wide arc from southern VE-3, east to NY/PA and the Mid-Atlantic, and then swinging south thru the Carolinas, and of course, KY, TN, N GA, N AL, you’ll want to follow along here.   Start spreading the word with confidence.   We’re doing this to increase 2m activity at least one night a week, across much of the eastern half of the US.   We’ve got a darn good start the past 2 years, and now it’s really going to expand.

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