Exciting News — K8TQK EM89 Now on 144.250 Wed. from 0030-0115.

    Just had a nice landline with K8TQK Bob in EM89, southern Ohio.   Starting this Wed., he’s going to be calling CQ in about a 200 degree radius on 144.250, every Wed. from 0030-0115Z or 8:30-9:15pm eastern time.   This keeps expanding the 2m activity across more of the eastern half of the USA and southern parts of VE3.  
   K8TQK will start calling CQ to his NNE at 0030 and then swing slowly clockwise, or NE, E, SE, S, SW and finally WSW by about 0115.   He has a huge signal and with flat conditions, he will have reach into OH, VE-3, NY, PA, W VA, VA, MD, NC, perhaps northern parts of SC and GA, plus TN, KY, S IN, S IL and S MO.   All are welcome, and you are encouraged to spread the word.   
   Want to add that there are two other 144.250 nets on Wed. nights.   You have EL99, Daytona Beach, FL on every Wed. at 8pm (eastern, I presume) and EM13, North Texas on at 9pm central.   More info is available at www.swotrc.net  

   Even if a net doesn’t interest you, realize we encourage overall activity.   We ask stations to tune around, call their own CQ’s and spread the RF in many directions.   We also encourage the use of on4kst.com real-time VHF/UHF chat.   This chat is free, no B.S. and available anytime for all USA/VE hams.   All our Wed. net controls will be logged in, and we try to post updates so everyone can follow along.    Please use that chat anytime to get more contacts in your log — we have a lot of fun in there on Wednesdays.

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