6:20pm — Bad Headache, I’m OFF Tonight Unexpectedly on 144.240 Net

   This is what one gets for exercising.   Started getting a weird headache 2 hours ago while taking a nice walk.   It’s not getting better, so I’m shutting down for the evening.    I don’t get many headaches, thank goodness.   

   The deal with N MN and WI is *ON* after 8:00-8:30pm — has little to do with me.   I simply helped organize it.   Hope both sides enjoy and hear lots of activity.  

   Looking forward to next week on SSB.    We’ll get all our ducks in a row.   KA0KYZ should be back on 144.230 from EN33.   WB9LYH or me on 144.240, and K8TQK from EM89 on 144.250.

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