222 MHz Sprint — Made 15 Q’s in 11 Grids

   I’m going to give myself an Atta-Boy for Tuesday night’s sprint.   Really didn’t want to play, what with 222 yagis being stuck east.   But once I got out here, it wasn’t bad.   Had plenty of guys out east, and scrounged up some Q’s in different ways.   Found a few on 223.500 FM (that does rotate, separate tower — 10 el vert. beam up 75′).   Had two guys who went cross-mode (my SSB, their CW).    
   Tnx WB8BZK and K9JK for roving the NW Chicago grid corners of EN52/51/62/61.    Tnx N9LB for listening carefully as I was completely off his back.   Tnx WV9E in EN43 for taking 10 mins. to make a whisper-quiet cross-pol Q on a 160 mile path.   Tnx K8DIO EN91 and K8MM EN83 for slowing down their CW.

   REMEMBER — 432 Sprint is next Wed., Oct. 6, from 7-11pm your local time.   Use your 6-digit grid square.   Full sprint rules are at   http://www.svhfs.org/2010fallsprintrules.pdf

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