For Sale — My 146/223 MHz Vertical Beam System

    8:10 Sat. morning —
   Yesterday, tower guys took down my working 10 element Cushcraft 146-147 MHz beam and my 10 element 223 MHz beam.  They are still connected by a sturdy cross-beam that was balanced across my smaller tower.  This package is ready to put up, no BS.  You want to start working  DX on 2m FM and 1.25m FM?  Here’s the solution.  
   Price is $70, picked up.   I’m not taking it apart and shipping it.   You are free to take it apart when you come here and pay me.  🙂 
   I took it off my tower because my plans changed and I have no room for this FM system.    I’d like to see someone get it on the air and start enjoying the benefits.  

   The CC 10-element beam for 146/147 MHz measures 144″ long.  Longest element is 40″.
   The 10-element 223 beam measures 115″ long.  Longest element is 27″. 
   The cross-boom that connects these is still attached, and is a 93″ long section of 1 1/2″ pipe. 

   Today I’m going to put this notice up on the Badger Contesters email reflector, plus email the info to several dozen known FM’ers in the Milwaukee area.   If you can think of someone else who’d be interested, go right ahead and let them know.  If you’re truly interested, email me at and we’ll take it from there.   In the event of multiple emails, priority will be given to those who were timestamped first.

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