W9FZ/R Activates 4 WIVUCH Counties Tonight on Multiple Bands

   Here’s Bruce’s email that came in a few hours ago:
  “What:  St Croix  0000Z
       Dunn      0045Z
       Barron    0130Z
       Polk      0215Z

Where:  144.190

Why:  To exercise our radios and see how the bands are.

Who:  W9FZ/R and anyone else that wants to.
      chirping APRS http://aprs.fi/?call=w9fz-15

After 03Z I’ll be glad to revisit any of the counties if someone
missed one and still needs it on a band.  Don’t just work me, call
other fixed stations you hear–on .190 is fine.

I hope to be out there a little early, also.
Bruce Richardson W9FZ/R

One Response to “W9FZ/R Activates 4 WIVUCH Counties Tonight on Multiple Bands”

  1. Dave Says:

    When Bruce gets back with a log full of statewide contacts that were
    5-9 , others should get the hint. VHF/UHF works great and is fun.