Have You Heard of Central States VHF Society?

   I am a CSVHFS life member.  It’s a strong group that goes back a long ways — back to the very pioneers of long-range communications on bands that were thought to have strictly line-of-sight propagation.  Every late-July, CSVHFS holds a Technical Conference.  This year’s is being held in Irving, TX (Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex) from July 28-31.    Go to www.csvhfs.org for more information.  
   The goal of the conference is to raise the technical level of amateurs by providing a forum for presenting technical papers relating to VHF, UHF, and Microwaves, to provide a focal point for the discussion on operating practices and procedures, and exploration of modes such as EME, MS, FAI, E-skip, etc. and other topics that promote operation on Amateur bands above 50 MHz.  
   The conference offers Antenna Ranges for testing your VHF thru Microwave Antennas, and also Noise Figure/Gain Measurements for your Preamps and Transverters. 
   AGAIN, VISIT www.csvhfs.org for more information.

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