More Summer VHF/UHF Contests Coming Up

    On the weekend of July 16th/17th, we have the CQ WW VHF Contest.   This one runs for 27 hours, from 1800Z on Sat. until 2100Z on Sunday.   In some ways, this is the most enjoyable contest out there.   Little more relaxed than an ARRL contest, plus there’s only 2 bands to worry about.  6m is often open with sporadic Es, just like in the June contest.    Here’s the rules link:
   I hope many of you are making plans to get on.   Also hope you’re encouraging your ham buddies to give this contest a try.  Nearly every ham has 2m and/or 6m.   Remember that if you or your ham friends have no idea what a VHF contest is all about, you can study ahead of time with my series of articles called VHF Contesting School.  These articles are designed to take a total beginner and get them comfortable with calling “CQ Contest”.   The direct link to those articles is:   You are welcome to pass that info along to hams everywhere.   I wrote those articles with a goal of getting 100’s of new VHF/UHF contesters on the air.  I can’t do it myself, so your help is appreciated. 

    IF YOU HAVE PLANS TO ROVE IN THE CQ WW VHF on JULY 16/17TH, POST YOUR PLANS HERE.  Use the comment feature.   I want your plans to get the maximum exposure possible.  

   After July 16/17, the next important contest is the ARRL UHF from 1800Z Sat., Aug. 6th until 1800Z Sun., Aug. 7th.   In this contest, the lowest band is 222 MHz and it goes up from there.   Talking bands like 432, 902/903, 1296, 2304, 3456, 5760, 10 gig and higher, if you’re really hard-core.   Make sure to get on for the Aug. UHF.  Rules link is here:

   Then on the 2nd weekend of September, we have the ARRL Sept. VHF QSO Party  Runs 33 hours, from 1800Z on Sat., Sept. 10 until 0300Z on Mon., Sept. 12th (which is really 10pm central time on Sunday evening, the 11th)   Just like with the ARRL June and January contests, this one is all bands from 6m and 2m on up thru UHF and into the microwaves.

    I will also mention the 10 GHz and Up contest, as a nod to anyone out there with an interest in pointing high-gain dishes with very narrow beamwidths directly at other ops, primarily using cell phones or 2m to help facilitate contacts.  Some guys are very into 10 gigging, and one active club in the Midwest is NLRS out of Minnesota.   Visit and you should find more info there. 
    The ARRL 10 gig contest link is here:

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