Lots of Other Activity on Thursdays.

  I know we get new visitors all the time.  My website statistics say we’ve had 2800 unique visitors to kc9bqa.com so far in December alone.  Because of this, I tend to repeat info that has slid off the front page.  I know folks are in a hurry, but honestly, to get the most out of this website, get in the habit of visiting at least once or twice a week, to do a quick scan of the “headlines” (meaning the title of each post).  If you’re brand new, I’d take 15-30 minutes to go back a few months, and make sure you’re not missing anything that can help inform you. 

   This post is to steer you toward other known nets or activity. 
   On Thursdays, you have the Q5 net called by N9JBW John, from EN61, south side of Chicago.  This net starts at 7pm central/0100Z and is on 144.220.  This net’s been on since 2003 and they do a nice job.  Friendly group that is always looking for more participation.  This net has a new website http://n9abf.com/q5net/  Go there for all the info. 
    You also have a net out of EM89, SE OH every Thursday night.  It’s called by AB8XG Kenny (KD8DJE Russell back-up) on 144.250, also at 0100Z.  This is a good DX target for a lot of us in WI and ILL.  

   On the FM side, our buddy WV9E Dave in EN43, just north of La Crosse, WI, is about to have their 3rd anniversary.  Talking about the 146.460 FM Simplex net.  This net meets every Thursday at 8:30pm central/0230Z.  Dave’s website is wv9e.net. 

    I have a entire page devoted to the possibilities within a wide area surrounding WI.  That link is http://kc9bqa.com/?p=5017.  Go there, get involved and spread the word to your buddies.  If I’m missing a net or activity period that should be on that page, contact me.

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