Net Controls for Wed., Feb. 29 and Wed. Mar. 7th

K8TQK has resolved his rotor problem and should be on 144.250 at the usual time of 0130Z/8:30pm eastern every Wed.  Bob’s location is EM89je, far south-central OH.  Read my Feb. 20 post about how far Bob can get out.  Talking 20-25 US states plus VE-3 land in Canada.  We appreciate you DX stations trying to check-in and ask everyone to help spread the word about our nets.

With the 144.240 net, I now know that WB9LYH is *unavailable* the next two Weds.
On Feb. 29th, I will be net control from EN63ao, or 40 miles north of Milwaukee.  I start out looking north, and then slowly edge clockwise a full 360 over the next 60-90 minutes, calling CQ often.
On March 7th, I will also be *unavailable*.  It’s possible the 144.240 net will be quiet that night.  Or someone else is more than welcome to come forward and keep it alive.  K8GDT did this for K8TQK recently and we were all grateful for the help.  If you’re interested in pinch hitting on Mar 7th with the 144.240 net, email me and I’ll be happy to help.  Calling a net is no big deal, believe me.  We keep it friendly and informal.   Does help if you have a good station that can get out at least a few hundred miles.

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