144.252 and 144.240 Long-Range Nets ON Wed. Night

   6am Tues —
   Just got email from K8TQK.  Bob says his rotor is fixed so his 144.252 net will be ON Wed. night, from EM89je.  The K8TQK net start time is 0030Z/8:30pm eastern.   Bob’s pattern is to start N, then go clockwise a full 360 over the next hour or so, depending on how much activity there is. 
   I will be taking the 144.240 net for the remainder of May.  WB9LYH expects to be back in June. 
   I am located in EN63ao, 40 miles north of Milwaukee.  The .240 net starts at 0100Z/8pm central.  I do the same pattern as K8TQK — start N, then head clockwise a full 360 over the next 60-90 minutes.  
   Our nets are informal.  Purpose is to help create more activity on less-used portions of 2m.  We always urge all VHF’ers to call their own CQ’s.  Make Wednesdays –heck — make every night more active.  Yes, we enjoy and appreciate you checking in.  But also consider spreading down the band and calling CQ in multiple directions.   What’s better for the health of 144 MHz?  30-40 hams saying hello to a net control for a few minutes or 30-40 hams in different states and grids calling their own CQ’s, ensuring widespread activity?  
   Please change the habit of “just listening”.   If 50 guys all have their rigs tuned to 144.200, “just listening” and nobody calls CQ, how many contacts do you think will get made?   On dead bands, you need more CQ’ing. 

    Switching gears… I don’t have a 6m sprint report from Sat. night.  It turned out to be a fun family weekend, what with nice weather and Mother’s Day, plus a lot of May birthdays.   The few reports I saw didn’t mention any openings.  Don’t worry, that 50 MHz E skip will turn on any day now, and be common by June into July.

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