KC9BQA Has 144.240 Net Tonight. K8TQK 144.252 Net is *OFF*

   7am  Wed. —
   Got email from K8TQK.  Bob is going to be off the air for a while.  So his 144.252 net tonight will be OFF for tonight and possibly for some weeks to come.  If we can find a replacement net control, I will advise here and in the ON4KST.com real-time ham chat. 

   I am *ON* tonight with the 144.240 net, from EN63ao, 40 miles north of Milwaukee.  I start at 0100Z/8pm central/9pm eastern by looking north.  Then I swing clockwise a full 360, calling CQ every 20-30 degrees.   A very rough guideline is that I’m looking E by 0105-15Z; SE by 0110-25; S by 0130-45; SW by 0140-0200; W by 0145-0215; NW by 0200 and then a quick last call to the N about 0215-30.   The times tend to be more variable later in the net, depending on how many check-ins I say hello to.  

   This net is informal.  Purpose is to promote more activity on lesser-used portions of 2m.  All licensed amateurs are welcome to listen along or say hello.

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