No Contest For Me This Weekend

   1:30pm Sunday

   Well this weekend sure turned out differently than I planned.  We’ve barely been home and I haven’t been around the radios.  Figured I’d make this update so nobody worries that anything’s wrong. 
   The little I’ve been near someone’s computer, it looked like there could have been good enhancement at the start of the contest yesterday.  Plus I hope that 6 was open for at least some of the time. 
   Usually if I miss a contest, that means it was a good one.  I still remember a June VHF where my niece got married.  Think it was 2005 or 06.  Whichever one it was, by the time I flipped on a rig about 9:30-10pm Sat. night, guys were raving about a huge 6m opening that was just shutting down.  
   Hope everyone had fun and I’ll look forward to reading the stories later this week.

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