Last Night’s Net Reports

   12:30pm Thursday —

Want to thank both WB9LYH and K8TQK for getting on last night, and putting up with a lot of t-storm static.   In fact, K8TQK had to cut his 144.252 net short, when t-storms were getting too close for comfort by 0050Z/8:50pm eastern. 

  Here’s Bob’s short report from EM89je:
  WB8AUK EN80;  K8KGM, KD8DJE and W8WG EM89;  KC8YJB EN91;  AC3L/M FN00. 
  Like I said, K8TQK had to QRT because of storms, 20 minutes into his net. 

   WB9LYH on 144.240 at 0100Z had plenty of static too.  Mark’s 10 check-ins were:
   K9CCL EN61;  KC9RJS EN53;  WA9BNZ EN40;  KC9CLM EN52;  WD9CHG EM49;  W0ANH EN47;  W0HXL EN21;  WV9E EN43;  N9KOR EN44 and VE3KRP EN58.    WB8AUK EN80 was trying to check in but net control had too much t-storm static to hear Dave. 
   Nice geographic distribution with this net. 
   Also want to welcome 2 new calls.  KC9RJS in Watertown, WI and WD9CHG in Hannibal, MO, about an hour NW of St. Louis.  Always good to hear more signals from MO.  

   REMEMBER — Next week N9OLT in EN64, Green Bay will be filling in for WB9LYH.  John’s had the VHF bug for a few years now, and is on the air nearly every morning.   So next Wed. at 0100Z/8pm central, look toward Green Bay, WI for the 144.240 net and say hello to N9OLT. 
    Expect K8TQK on 144.252 next Wed., at 0030Z/8:30pm eastern, from EM89je.

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