Badger Contesters Looking for New Members

   8:30am Saturday —
   I am a Badger Contester and I encourage you to join.  If you have even a mild interest in doing more on VHF/UHF, you should join.  The BC’ers are a low-key, low-stress outfit.  No dues, no formal meetings.  There’s one or two (voluntary) meet-ups at Milwaukee-area hamfests each year, plus the annual BC’ers pizza party at a hotel suite the weekend of AES Superfest.  (usually the first weekend in April)   
  I’m a Badger Contester so I can contribute my VHF contest scores toward the club effort.  
  The BC’ers also have an email reflector that comes alive at times, mostly around contests.  It’s a good way to stay connected.  

   The BC website is at  I’d especially like you to click on this link:  That link graphically shows the BC’ers 175-mile circle.  You will notice this circle extends into N ILL, W MI, NE IA and far SE MN, along with parts of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.   
   I extend an invitation to anyone reading this post who lives in that circle to join the Badger Contesters.  
   To join, follow the directions once you click on the “membership” link on the left side of the BC website.

One Response to “Badger Contesters Looking for New Members”

  1. Bruce Richardson Says:

    Hi Todd:

    Great comments! Ya know, the Badger Contesters have scored nicely in the club competition portion of the contest. We have a rivalry with the Northern Lights Radio Society 🙂 . There are two aspects: one, number of logs submitted and the other total score. We can be proud of the number of logs we submit from this area.

    Thanks for your promotion and upbeat nature. You are a good influence on all of us!
    Bruce W9FZ