The Nightly 432 Activity is now on *432.105* MHz

   8:10am Thur.

   Spread the word that the nightly 432 activity (starts about 7:30pm central) has migrated up to 432.105 MHz.  

   For a few years now, N4PZ in EN52gb (which is a little SW of Rockford, IL) has tried to promote more activity on 432 SSB/CW.  Steve sure has the station for it, with a box of 4 long yagis and 1500 watts.  This group is always looking to find more 432 signals.   Spread the word in a very wide area, because there will be nights with enhancement and guys over 400-500 miles away will be glad for signals to work.  
   This year, they’ve expanded their activity.  It’s now on every night (not 100% sure about weekends, check for yourself) and they’ve nudged their operating freq. up to 432.105. 
   They are also on the chat (talking the IARU Region 2 Chat for 144-432 MHz) so you check it out there.

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