N9XKH is 144.240 Net Control for Dec. 9th and 16th

3:45pm Friday

N9XKH will call the 144.240 Wed. net the next two weeks.  Dennis is in EN52il, which is on the WI/ILL border, a little ways south of Madison, WI.  Dennis has helped before.  He has a nice signal and always enjoys getting check-ins who can give him feedback on how well his station is getting out.  Do N9XKH and the net a favor and spread the word about this change.

So on Wed. Dec. 9th and Wed. Dec. 16th, with the 144.240 net, look toward N9XKH on the WI/ILL border, grid square EN52il.  Net will start at the same time — 8pm central/9pm eastern — and the antenna pattern will be the same.  Net control starts out looking into MI, then edges down toward OH and IN, then starts looking south down the length of IL, edging SW into MO and KS and shifting W toward IA and ending up looking NW toward MN and N into WI and the U.P. of MI, if anyone’s out there.  The whole process takes about 40-60 minutes, depending on how busy net control is.

I don’t have time tonight to get caught up with the net reports, but I’ll get them done sometime later Saturday or Sunday.

Enjoy the beautiful weather — long-range forecasts look mild right into the weekend of the 11th and 12th.

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