2016 Spring VHF and up Sprints Start Mon., April 11th

7:45am Friday

Also got email from WB8BZK Mike, who’s been active on V/UHF for a long time.  WB8BZK and KA2KQM are the organizing committee of the 2016 Spring VHF and up Sprints.  Central States VHF Society is sponsoring the Spring Sprints and CSVHFS is celebrating their 50th annual conference in 2016.  This year’s CSVHFS conference is close-by, too.  It’s in Rochester MN, from July 28-31st.  There is a separate post about that directly above this one, here at kc9bqa.com.

Help spread the word about the Spring VHF Sprints.  Let your ham buddies know.  Consider going out roving or hilltopping.  Sometimes VHF’ers don’t have a good horizon, or they are antenna-restricted.  Increase the fun factor by going mobile and operating from locations where you know you will be heard better.

Here’s the announcement:

The Central States VHF Society is proud to sponsor and announce the dates and times for the 2016 run of the VHF and up Spring Sprints!

144 MHz: Monday, 4/11/16 from 7 – 11 PM local, Exchange: 4 char grid

222 MHz: Tuesday, 4/19/16 from 7 – 11 PM local, Exchange: 4 char grid

432 MHz: Wednesday, 4/27/16 from 7 – 11 PM local, Exchange: 4 char grid

Microwave, 902 MHz and up: Saturday, 5/7/16 from 8 AM – 2 PM local, Exchange: 6 char grid

50 MHz: Saturday, 5/14/16 from 2300Z until 0300Z Sunday, 5/10/15, Exchange: 4 char grid

More information and rules are posted at:


Kent O’Dell KA2KQM & Mike Metroka WB8BZK
Central States VHF Society Spring Sprint Organizing Committee

KC9BQA adds that by May, DX can occur on 6 meters, due to the seasonal rise of sporadic E-skip openings.  Google that term if you are unfamiliar with it.  Sporadic Es are a blast.  Often in the late spring and summer, 6 meters (or 50 MHz) comes alive with dozens of signals from different states and grids.  Plus, when sporadic Es are strong and widespread, you don’t need a big antenna up high to take advantage of it.  Again, do some Googling and get yourself educated now, so you’re ready to have some big fun when 6 meters (aka The Magic Band) comes alive.


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