KC9BQA Towers, Yagis and Feedline For Sale

EDIT, EDIT —  8pm Tuesday, April 19th, 2016
I sold my towers, yagis and coax this weekend.    Please consult a post dated 7:30pm April 20th (guess WordPress uses UTC time) if you need more details.  I will have various accessories and rotors to sell in the next month or two, but I’m not ready to catalog them at this time.  Plus the rotors are still up on the towers and I’m not sure when everything will come down.
IF YOU WANT A USED AND WORKING ICOM IC-575H AND SB-230 AMP FOR A GREAT PRICE OF $450, read the post I’m referencing above and then get in touch with me and we’ll get that deal done.  You have to be within several hours of me, I’m not shipping.

11am Sunday

As mentioned before here at kc9bqa.com, my towers, stacked yagis, along with all phasing lines, harnesses, custom H-frames and feedline are for sale.   It’s not easy for me to put this into print — if you know me personally, you know how passionate I was about V/UHF’ing (especially the contests) from 2004-2012.

If  you are (or know) someone who is looking to get on VHF/UHF in a big way, then I am exactly who you should be talking to.  Feel free to tell your ham friends and steer them to kc9bqa.com.

If you haven’t visited kc9bqa.com in some time and are wondering why I’m off the air, see posts dated March 15, 2014 at kc9bqa.com.  I have a month-by-month “archives” feature on the right of my homepage.


I have two towers — one is 100′ and the other is 70′.  ( I suppose HF’ers might be interested in these towers, too)  Both  towers are Rohn SSV and self-supporting.  No guy wires needed.   The 100′ tower has a wide, robust base and the 70’er is more of a straight stick.
Antennas on the towers are:
28 MHz:  5-element HyGain (bought new and installed June 2011)
144:  Pair 12 el K1FO design
222:  Pair 16 el K1FO
432:  Pair 25 el K1FO
The 144, 222 and 432 yagi pairs were bought new from C3i back in late 2003.
There is a very sturdy custom H-frame that holds the 222 and 432 yagis in perfect balance.

902:  Pair 33 el K1WHS (DirectiveSystems.com)
1296:  Pair 45 el K1WHS
2304:  Single 76 el “blowtorch”
These yagis were bought new and installed in the summer of 2005.
There is also a nice H-frame from Directive Systems that holds and balances the 902/1296 yagis.

All phasing harnesses, power dividers and H-frames are part of the deal, along with two very stout mastpipes in the 15-20′ range.
Besides the towers and yagis, there’s hundreds of feet of coax on those towers.  Rough guess is 400-500′ of 1″ hardline (in 4 separate runs), 250-300′ of 1.5″ hardline (in 4 separate runs) and several hundred feet of 9913.   I also have a spare piece of 1 1/2″ hardline in the shed, guess-timating about 60-70′.   All feedline is also included in the prices below.


Because this is the 7th anniversary of kc9bqa.com, I’m knocking 15% off my previous price.  Plus there are bonuses for those who buy all or most of what’s here.  Selling everything piece-by-piece is a last resort for me.  I’m not a real fan of haggling and I have no interest in dealing with pure tire-kickers.

**If you have a sincere interest in all or most of these items, I will gladly talk with you and we can exchange ideas and thoughts.**

The absolute rock-bottom price for both towers, all yagis, all feedlines, phasing harnesses, power dividers, H-frames and 2 very sturdy long mast pipes is $3000.   The terms for achieving that price are:
1)  You buy everything at once and you haul it away, however you care to.
2)  You safely take it all down.
3)  You are an active V/UHF’er who will put this good stuff ON THE AIR.
4)  You are a pleasure to deal with.

While it’s not my first choice, I will certainly talk with buyers who don’t meet all 4 conditions.  Just realize that you won’t get the absolute rock bottom price.

I know that $3000 for two big self-supporting Rohn SSV towers, stacked long yagis on 144, 222, 432, 902 and 1296 MHz, plus single long yagis for 28 and 2304 MHz is a great value.  Plus you get custom-made mastpipes,  stout H-frames to keep everything in the air in balance, phasing harnesses and power dividers, plus individual runs of (used) hardline for each band.  This is a turnkey solution for putting up an award-winning, multi-band VHF/UHF station.  Don’t know of anyone else who is selling something like this.  I wish when I wanted to get back on the air in 2003, I had found a deal like mine!  It would have saved me so much time and money.

Again, the $3000 price above is my absolute rock bottom number for selling *everything at once*  If I start parting stuff out, then the prices will be higher.  Not crazy high, but higher.  I may not end up selling everything to one buyer, but that’s how you get the lowest overall price.  Also, if it turns out I have to use “my guy” to take everything down, which is an option, then I add $1500 to the bottom line price, because it will cost me at least that much for takedown.
If you are interested or have sincere questions, email me, we can exchange phone #’s and possibly find a time when you can visit and inspect everything for yourself.   My everyday email is good at qrz.com.  I also use wi.todd (at) yahoo.com, but I don’t think to check it very often.

**As of April 3, 2016, I have only posted this info to the Badger Contesters email reflector.  Of course, it would be easier for the buyer to be local or semi-local.  Later this week, I will be posting to other Midwest VHF email lists and then I will also make a push to the Central States VHF Society members.  Then after that, I may advertise nationally.  In other words, don’t mess around because someone else may jump in here quickly.**

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