My Towers, Yagis and Coax are Sold — IC-575H and SB-230 Are Still Available

7:30pm Tuesday

Happy to report that I sold my towers, yagis and coax this weekend.  That means my station is about 2/3rds liquidated.   What remains are odds and ends that I’m not ready to catalog at this time.   I will get my act together by next month.   The biggest items will be rotors, but they are still up on the towers so that will take some time, too.  Don’t worry, when I’m ready to sell accessories, I will make a post and publicize things via various email lists.

***One thing that is for sale right now — I have a well-used, but perfectly operational, Icom IC-575H, mated to a Heathkit SB-230 that puts out about 220-230 watts, max.  You can get on 6 and 10 meters just in time for summer E skip season, for the low price of $450.***   Quite honestly, I should charge more, but I don’t mind this going to a good home.   You get a discount because the dial lamp is out — big deal.  I can see the freq. display just fine without the dial lamp.
I am not going to ship this combo.  When I sold most of my rigs and amps and transverters back in the spring of 2014, I was glad to drive up to 100-150 miles to either deliver or meet hams halfway.  If you are interested in this combo, email me.  My everyday email is good at or if you can’t log in there you can also use wi.todd (AT)   If you know of someone who wants to get on The Magic Band with a quality rig and an amp that puts out at least 200 watts, tell them to jump on this deal.

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