Icom 575-H (6 and 10 Meters) and Amp For Sale

Noon Friday

Want to get on 6 and 10 meters with quality used gear priced right??

I have a well-used, but perfectly operational, Icom IC-575H, mated to a Heathkit SB-230 that puts out about 220-230 watts, max.  You can get on 6 and 10 meters in time for summer E skip season, for $450.  Quite honestly, I should charge more so consider this a spring sale.   You get a discount because the dial lamp is out — big deal.  I can see the freq. display just fine without the dial lamp.
I am not going to ship this combo.  When I sold most of my rigs and amps and transverters back in the spring of 2014, I was glad to drive up to 100-150 miles (from the Milwaukee area) to either deliver or meet hams halfway.  If you are interested in this combo, email me — s p r i n k i e s (at) excel (dot) net.    If you know of someone who wants to get on The Magic Band with a quality rig and an amp that puts out at least 200 watts, tell them to jump on this deal.
EDIT 4/9 — When using my email, put all the letters together, I just inserted the extra spaces to throw any email gremlins off track.

If you want the rig but not the amp, the price is $400.  The rig barefoot puts out about 75-85 watts max.

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