So Where Are Those Net Reports, Todd?

10:45am Monday

Long overdue with net reports.  144.240 net control WB9LYH has been sending them via email every Wed. night and I’ve fallen behind.  This is a correctable situation, so here goes.  🙂   But first the net info for anyone who might be newer to

If you just want the basics about the Wed. 144.240 net from WI here goes:  The net has operated continuously since July 2008.  Our story is at this link:
The 144.240 net is called every Wed. at 8pm central/9pm eastern by WB9LYH.  Mark’s grid square is EN54cl.  This is central WI, near WI Rapids.  Mark has a pair of long yagis and 500 watts from a ridgetop and he gets out a very long ways.  We value all our check-ins, both local and DX.  With the warmer months coming, expect better band conditions and more fun surprises in that 400, 500, 600+ mile range.
The net always looks into eastern time zone first.  From central WI, WB9LYH’s antenna pattern is NE and E to start, then SE, S, SW, W, NW and N toward the end.  A net takes about 35-50 minutes, and it depends on how many check-ins there are.   The net is informal — stop by when you can and say hello when you feel comfortable.  All licensed amateurs are welcome and the purpose is to increase activity on 2 meter SSB.  We always appreciate you helping to spread the word and DX is encouraged to listen in and give it a try.  WB9LYH is the strongest EN54 station I know of on 2 meters, terrestrial.

Back on April 12th, 144.240 net control WB9LYH reported “very good prop to the south tonite.”  I’d say, given that we had a check-in from EM57, southern IL, near Carbondale and Marion.
There were 17 check-ins on April 12th:  KC9ZVZ EN53;  N9JBW, K9CCL, K9ILU, KD9BGY and N9KKF EN61;  W8SOL EN71;  K8TQK EM89;  WB8AHT EN72;  WB8LNG EM79;  W1JWS EN50;  N9RXM EN41;  WB0SWQ and WA9BNZ EN40;  W9FX EM57; WA9JML EN51 and W9UIJ EN52.
W9FX is a new all-time check-in to the 144.240 Wed. net.  The path to WB9LYH has to be at least 425-450 miles from just north of Marion, IL.  Glad you made the trip all the way up IL and halfway into WI.  Please tell your VHF friends in S IL, MO, S IN and KY that we’re up here every Wed. night at 8pm central.  Net control WB9LYH (EN54cl, central WI) loves pushing the propagation limits.

On April 19th, WB9LYH reported “Noise, weather and not so good propagation.”  Despite this, there was a nice list of 13 check-ins:  K9CCL, KD9BGY, K9ILU, N9KKF and N9JBW EN61;  WA9JML EN51;  KC9RAP EN63;  N9NDP EN62;  N9YK EN71;  W9UIJ EN52;  WA9BNZ and WB0SWQ EN40 and N9RXM EN41.

On April 26th, Mark said, “Incoming weather enhanced prop. to the south and southwest.”  The 17 check-ins were:  WB8AHT EN72;  KC9RAP EN63;  K9CCL, N9KKF, KD9BGY, KC9RIO and N9JBW EN61;  N9EM, N9NWB and WB9TFH EN53;  WB8LNG EM79;  W1JWS EN50;  WA9BNZ EN40;  KB9MIV EM59;  N9RXM EN41;  KD9GCQ EN62 and WO0Z EN34.
Very happy to report 3 new check-ins — N9NWB, KD9GCQ and WO0Z.  To get 3 new ones after 9 years of 144.240 net operation is exciting.  That’s exactly why I started the net in June 2008, to get more and more hams on the SSB/CW side of bands like 144 MHz (and yes, 50, 222 and 432 MHz as well)

On May 3rd, the comment was, “Weather effects and a 432 MHz Sprint tonite.”  KC9BQA adds:  Seems like there’s been a lot of weather this spring.  Hopefully that will let up as we head into June and July.
On May 3rd, there were 12 check-ins:  KC9RAP EN63;  WA9JML EN51;  K9CCL, N9JBW, N9KKF and KC9RIO EN61;  N9EM EN53;  W9UIJ EN52;  W9BBP and WB0SWQ EN40;  W1JWS EN50 and N9RXM EN40.
Want to wave hello to Illinois.  With the May 3rd net, 10 of the check-ins were from IL.  IL has been the foundation of this net for many years now.  We always have several from Chicagoland and always have a few from the EN40/41/50 area.  Lately, we’re also getting regular check-ins from EN52 and 51.  And yes, it’s good to hear from downstate IL grids like EM59 and 57.  Anyone who can help us get more signals from MO and downstate IN… please help spread the word.  Same goes for IA, MN and MI too.

On May 10th, WB9LYH noted, “Thunderstorms to the south kept some of the folks off the air.”  There were 10 check-ins:  N8XEW and N9YK EN71;  K9ILU, KD9BGY and N9KKF EN61;  N9RXM EN41;  WA9BNZ and W9BBP EN40;  KB9MIV EN59 and WB8LNG EM79.  Always good to hear from our friends in OH.  N8XEW is a new check-in from NE OH, and WB8LNG makes the trip regularly from a little bit west-northwest of Dayton.

On May 17th, WI had widespread bad weather and t-storms kept the net off the air.

The 144.240 net is called every Wed. at 8pm central/9pm eastern by WB9LYH Mark, who’s located in EN54cl, central WI.  Full net info is at the top of this post at  Feel free to share that info with hams everywhere.
WB9LYH expects to be on 144.240 this Wed., May 24th.   Thanks Mark for running the net for going on 8 years now.  I hope you get some DX this summer and fall.

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