ARRL June VHF Contest is June 10-11, 2017

1:50pm Sunday
I will have one more post after this one.

Next weekend is the first all-band VHF/UHF contest of the 2017 summer season.
The ARRL June VHF contest starts at 1900 UTC time (1pm central) on Sat., June 10th and runs 33 hours until 0359 UTC time on Monday (which is 9:59pm central Sunday night, June 11th)    All bands from 50 MHz on up into the microwaves are in play.
Other big VHF contests are in June, July, August and September.  Remember that in late spring and summer, 50 MHz (6 meters, AKA “The Magic Band”) frequently comes alive with sporadic E skip propagation that makes for a lot of excitement.

The link to the ARRL June VHF contest rules page is here:

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