146.43 FM net report — 10 check-ins

   Had a nice group tonight, along with one new check-in, which is always a good feeling.
   We had:
   W9GA          Ken       Colgate           S5 (horizontal)
   KC9KPV    Randy   Germantown        20 over S9
   KM4G        Marv      Germantown      15 over
   KC9GJD    John     Port Washington   S5
   WB9WHO  Tom     Milwaukee           S9
   KC9PQF    Tom     West Allis             S5
   KA9AAB   Bob      Kewaskum           40 over
   N9LOH     Steve    Elkhorn                S1
   AC9RL      Ron       Kenosha             S3 peaks — QSB
   N9HR       Tom       Ixonia               20 over      Tom’s first time to the net.  He runs 100w with a 8-el quad up 60′ and is nice and loud.   We ragchewed later and he dropped to 10w and was still a full S9.  

    OK, it’s 10:30pm and that means the ARRL UHF Contest starts in 38.5 hours.   I’d better get caught up on my sleep!

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