146.43 FM simplex net *ON* tonight — 8:30pm central

    I doubt we’ll end up with any lightning tonight, so expect the 146.43 FM net to be on, as it is every Thursday.  

   I’ll be curious to hear about any skip you might have heard on 146/147 FM last night — talking from 5-7pm.  

  We’ll also talk briefly about the ARRL Aug UHF contest that is this weekend, 1pm Sat. to 1pm Sun.   All bands from 220, 432 on up are in play for this one.   223.5 FM and 446.0 FM will be the freq’s to call CQ Contest on, unless you have SSB capability on either of those bands.  If you do have SSB, then 222.100 and 432.100 are the call freq’s on the SSB portion.   Expect to hear activity from about 222.050-222.150 and 432.050-432.150 in a UHF contest on SSB. 

   Midwest activity levels will be increased by a big multi-op from just SW of Minneapolis, in EN34.   The Northern Lights Radio Society (www.nlrs.org) is taking a ton of bands and antennas to the top of a ski hill, up 500′.   With that sort of height advantage, they will really perk things up.   15-20  rovers will also be out all across the region, so keep your ears open.    In fact, to best keep track of the potential activity, go to this page, and scroll down for links to the rovers’ schedules:   http://www.nlrs.org/RoverPlans/2009-08/RoverMania.htm

    Here’s a link to the ARRL UHF Contest rules:

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