All 3 net reports — 144.250 Badger net very busy

   Tonight was Week 3 of the new IN/OH/MI net and we had 5 check-ins:
   KC9LCW       Roger     La Porte, IN            EN61    S9
   N9HZ            Brent      Goshen, IN              EN71    S9
   N8FQ            Joe          Grand Haven, MI   EN62   S9
   KC8QAE      Gerry     Brunswick, OH       EN91     S2
   K8VFV        Bob         Davisburg, MI        EN82    S2

   With the 144.240 net that looks for outstate IL/WI and all of MO/IA/MN and the U.P. of MI we had:
   N9GH         Gary         Bolingbrook, IL    EN51     S0
   W0FAY     Bill           Dubuque, IA           EN42     S9
   KA0OKM   Harley   Dubuque                  EN42    S5 peaks   (slow deep QSB on most sigs early tonight)
   WB0YWW   Bob       Moreland, IA         EN22    S5
   KB9KTD    Dave        La Crosse                EN43     S5
   KC9GJD    John        Port Washington, WI   EN63    15 over S9, local.   John’s first time to the net; he found us when a rig was scanning.   Love those coincidences.
   KB0BRO   Pat            Duluth                     EN36     S1    Pat heard about us somehow and emailed this weekend to say he’d be trying to check in.   He was in there about 60-70% of the time, and has some QRN on his end.   Nice path to Duluth. 

   The 144.250 Badger Contesters net was very busy.   Ended up with lots of check-ins from all areas.
   WB9WKJ      Randy      Racine              EN62     10 over S9.   Good to have Randy aboard, nice signal with a loop
   KC9GJD        John     Port Washington  EN63   15 over again
   WB9WOZ    Bruce    Hinsdale, IL      EN61       S3
   AA9GC        Herb     Milwaukee         EN63      15 over
   N9WU         Rick       Germantown    EN53       S4   in ‘n out
   AB8GL        John     Bangor, MI        EN62       25 over — M2 18XXX and 1300w will get out a bit, hi. 
   W0FAY      Bill        Dubuque             EN42       10 over 
   KA9AAB   Bob       Kewaskum, WI   EN53      10 over
   WB9LYH   Mark    Rudolph, WI      EN54       25 over
   KB5ZJU     Phil       Sheboygan Falls, WI   EN63    40 over  — local
   N0UK        Chris     Minneapolis      EN34       S1     Chris found us, and got him in the net log.  Thanks for the visit. 
   KD8IME   Bob       West Unity, OH   EN71    S7     Nice to hear from Bob again
   KC8ZJL    Dennis   Cecil, OH            EN71     S7
   KD8IMF   Bob       Napoleon, OH   EN71     S9      Bob now has 180-200w paired with his 13B2 and you can hear it.   Nice to have the 3 amigos in from EN71 tonight.
   W9IPR     Tom       Cedarburg, WI   EN53    20 over — local

   WB9LYH was good enough to QSY down to 144.240 at net’s end and everyone was encouraged to go down there and work him.   AA9GC and Mark had a nice ragchew.  

    ***  KC9KPV Randy from EN53 Germantown is the net control for the 146.43 FM net Thur. (July 23)  at 0130 utc, 8:30pm central.   He actually has a vertical beam for FM, so he may check in some folks I wouldn’t be able to get with my omni.   Hope you guys have a good FM net tomorrow night. ***

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