First EN47 ever after 6 years

   Made a Q with W0ANH from EN47, N side of Lake Superior.   He was actually S2 or so on 6m.   Plenty loud.   Would love to get him on 2m, too, but he’s actually busy up there, LOL.   I asked if we could do 2m, but you could tell he was distracted with someone else.  This Q was just before 0015 or 7:15pm Sat. 

   This fellow has tried checking into the Wed. night 144.240 net a few times, but no joy.  

   I don’t think the band’s in that great of shape, but he’s plenty loud.   Wonder why we’ve never connected on a net night.  Now to find him on 2, somehow.   I did hear him there earlier, but he was working someone between us and I would have QRM’d them (assuming he’d even hear me)

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