I count 20-26 new calls for this contest — amazing

     Took some time to go thru the 200 Q’s I made this weekend.   Honestly, I came up with 26 calls that I think are either brand new the past year, or haven’t been on since I’ve been around.    When typing out this list, do realize I only got on V/UHF in Sept. 2003, so anything before that I’m not up to speed.

    Here’s who I call new:   (I know a few just haven’t been on in some years)  WD9EXD, K9JCZ, KB5ZJU, KM4G (Got on for the FM portion and is wanting to get on SSB), KC9KPV, N9LB, NR9R, N9WU, N0RWR, W9IPR , WB9TFH, WA9FWT, K9FI, KC9NZR, W0FAY (Bill’s firing up guys in his EN42 backyard), KA0OKM, KB9KTD, W9HQ, NC5B (Got on for FM portion), W8GCW (also responded to FM deal).  

    A few other calls I don’t have contact with via nets or email, so can’t say if they’re brand new.   But I don’t really recall hearing much from N9LB, K9OM, KC9AOV, K9UJH (who’s got a great V/UHF setup in Necedah), W9XY, K9KBZ and N9AMW, before this contest.   (Edit on Monday the 20th — How could I forget a nice ragchew I had with WB9WKJ between Milwaukee and Racine?   He’s looking for more VHF activity and also has a friend who’s going to get on.   Probably forgot a few others, sorry if I did.  )  

    So that’s a wealth of new guys.  I didn’t even realize how many until I went thru the log from this contest.  

    When I think a bit more about it, I appreciate how much NLRS and SMC have done for getting new guys on.  Those clubs have really influenced me.   NLRS with Rovermania and the 10 gig contest — Aurora, too.   Their excellent website — like a V/UHF reference library.   SMC with the way they’ve gotten into that Unlimited category for overall Club Log Submissions in the June ARRL contest.   Nice newsletter, too — The Blackhole.   Big tip of the hat to them — glad they’re in the Midwest! 

     I really do believe that any reasonably populated area can do this if they apply themselves to it.  Even if you just get one ham to get active on V/UHF, it makes a big difference.   What if we somehow increased our numbers regionally or nationwide by 25 or 50% over 2-5 years?   Wouldn’t that be wonderful?  

    Congratulations to everyone who got on this weekend, and welcome to the newer ones.  Welcome back to some veterans, as well.    It really has me excited.

2 Responses to “I count 20-26 new calls for this contest — amazing”

  1. JD Says:

    I parked my antennas for most of the time to the NE since there was little traffic or at least what I could hear down south. Worked W9GA EN53 as well as N9WU and NR9R in EN63 at least this is what I heard. Heard a bunch of others but it seemed they went to 6 meters before I could get my call sign out. The activity up north was great to hear no doubt. 73 JD/N0IRS

  2. KC9ECI Says:

    It was fun, but it was tough rounding up contacts, even with the elevation advantage we had up on Decorah Peak.

    I shot some video, and some photos. Video may be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxBX5unYq34 I’m not much with video production, so don’t be too shocked by the lack of quality and poor editing.

    Still photos may be seen at http://w9idx.com/node/154

    We scoped out a higher location a little to the North, and learned a few things about what we need for the next time. I’m already looking in to mounting a VHFpedition for the ARRL VHF and up contest in September.