No contest activity on 146.55/146.58 that I can see

   It’s 9:25 pm and I’ve been working some guys on 144.200 (give or take) SSB.  Been faithfully watching the LED graph on my 2m FM rig and have seen *no* activity on 146.55.    So I decided to call CQ myself and I guess there was a very light QSO in progress there, but it wasn’t contest related.   Been watching 146.58 on another rig, and nothing there, either.  

    Hmmm… guess there’s always tomorrow morning. 

   I am happy to report 116 contacts so far on 6 and 2, and that’s with only 5 E skip contacts on 6m.   So local and semi-local activity on SSB has been very good.   Just nobody calling on 146.55/146.58 FM.  

   Perhaps other areas are doing the FM deal, and they’re beyond the SE WI area.   There is always tomorrow morning.  

    Oh, there’s KM4G now out of Germantown on 146.55.   I’ll give Marv a shout.

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