SSB Net reports from earlier tonight

   Band conditions were not special at all tonight, and it looks like 6 meters was open a fair amount.  This added up to some not-very-busy-nets, which is fine because I’ll work hundreds of guys this weekend in the CQ WW VHF Contest. 

   We did have 20 check-ins total,  across the 3 nets I now host on Wed. nights, so it was worthwhile.

   Also had a nice DX-type check in from EN93, and that would be VA3XQ Jeff from Parkhill, ON, who peaked S2.   He said I was his first EN63 on 144, and if I ever poke thru my paper logs, I suspect I’d find EN93 is a new grid all-time on 144.  I will add that Jeff said he had just put up a 13B2, so perhaps he’s new to weak-signal.  At any rate, a very pleasant Q and he really got out pretty well, considering a Detroit station was only S1. 
   I do work a VE or 2 most every contest, so I get out well in that direction, but can’t recall any EN93’s.  

   Tonight was the 2nd week of the new 144.250 net, where I start out looking at Indiana, then Ohio, then Michigan.   It starts up at 2330 utc, or 7:30pm eastern
   We had:
   N9YK          Steve      EN71     Angola, IN                S2
   N8UYC      Bob          EN62     Holland, MI              S5    I was concerned about possibly missing some light stations from IN or OH and didn’t end up re-connecting with Bob.  I’ll have to get better at that.  Wasn’t sure if I’d have a bunch of check-ins or just a few.
   WA9KRT   Don         EN61     North Judson, IN     10 over S9. 
   N8FQ         Joe           EN62    Grand Haven, MI    S5      I was very glad Joe clued me into a long-running net on Sunday nights out of Holland, MI — EN62.   Bob K8NFT runs a net on 144.155, starting at 0130 utc, or 8:30pm central.   I’ll have to say hello sometime, if I’m ever around on a Sunday night.  
   N8XPQ     Mike        EN62    Zeeland, MI               S1
   VA3XQ    Jeff           EN93    Parkland, ON, Canada     Very respectable S2 signal over a 319 mile path.  
   K8VFV   Bob           EN82    Davisburg, MI          S1
   I did call multiple times after 8pm eastern into Central and N Lower MI, as well as into the U.P. and nothing heard.

    The 144.240 net at 0015 utc or 7:15pm central had:
    K2DRH     Bob        EN41      Albany, IL              10 over S9
    W0FAY   Bill          EN42     Dubuque                   S9, but QSB right down to S0 — it was that kind of night.
    KA0OKM  Harley  EN42   Dubuque                   S3 peaks
    WB0YWW  Bob     EN22    a bit SW of Fort Dodge, IA     S2      Bob is pleased to report he’s helping a new guy — KG0SJ — get going on 144 and 432.  
    KB9KTD    Dave     EN43    La Crosse                  S3

     The 144.250 Badger Contesters net (  at 0130 or 8:30pm central  had 8 check-ins.  
    KC9KPV     Randy    EN53   Germantown        15 over S9
    K9IJ           John       EN52    Lake Zurich, IL    S7 peaks
   W9GA        Ken          EN53    Colgate                     S9
   WB9TFH   Gil            EN53    West Allis               S5
   KA9AAB   Bob         EN53    Kewaskum             S9
   N9WU        Rick        EN53    Germantown — in and out — relayed by KC9KPV
   AA9GC     Herb        EN63    Milwaukee            15 over
   N9NDP    Harvey    EN62    Kenosha                 S7

2 Responses to “SSB Net reports from earlier tonight”

  1. David Palm Says:

    I was sitting by the radio, ready to check in. Heard you and the guys from Dubuque, but then got distracted with something and by the time I got back to the radio, all was quiet. Oh well, better luck next week.

  2. Patrick Burke Says:

    Not sure if you listen up toward the Duluth, MN area at all, but I will be there next net. I frequently hear the WD9BGA beacon up here, so it should be possible to work. Looking forward to it.