SSB net reports from Wed. 7/29

   An explanation is in order.  
   Large parts of the US had a big E skip opening on 144 tonight.   Stations who were on top of things from about 5-7pm worked many Q’s in various states.   I can handle letting some 6m DX go by me when I run these 144 nets.  But I can’t run a net when I know I can be working say VA or NC.  So the early 144.250 net that looks for MI/IN/OH fell by the wayside.   I did announce this on the website at the last minute, so I hope some of you checked here.  

   Also, if it’s clear that I’m not around to run a net (weather issues, etc) please feel free to make some noise yourself.  Anyone can (and should) create activity on the bands.   My long-term hope with these nets is that we’ll get so much activity going that a net won’t even be needed.   I’d far rather have several QSO’s scattered across the band, in different directions, than have everyone pointed toward me for the entire time.   Having multiple Q’s across the band is the way to go.  

   By about 7:30pm central, it appeared that 144 was closing up with Es, so I hastily started up the 144.240 net.  Glad I did, because plenty of guys were available, including a new all-time check-in from EM48,  west of St. Louis.
   On 144.240, starting at 7:45, we had:
   WA0KBZ    Bill       EM48      Linn, MO    S1 to start, then built to S7
   WA9JML    Steve   EN51     DeKalb, IL   S9
   KA9IVP    Loran   EN42    E Dubuque, IL   10 over S9.   Loran’s first time on the net — good to hear him. 
   KA0OKM  Harley  EN42    Dubuque     S7
   W0FAY    Bill         EN42     Dubuque    10 over S9
   W9HQ       David    EN43    Westby, WI   S9    Glad to report that we tested W9HQ’s new antennas for 222 and 432, and he and son KC9JTL are all set for this weekend’s UHF contest.  
   W9GA       Ken        EN53    Colgate, WI   20 over
   WB0YWW  Bob    EN22     Moorland, IA   S2   Bob got in on the 144 E skip.  Worked several new states out east. 
   K9JCZ     Gary      EN53     Fond du Lac, WI    Gary will be on at times for the UHF ‘test this weekend.  Talking a pair of 21’ long yagis on 432, plus a Henry amp.   He’s getting geared up for a fuller effort in the ARRL Sept. VHF QSO Party.
   KB9KTD   Dave    EN43     La Crosse         S6
   K0SIX     Vince    EN35    Big Bear Lake, MN    S2     Vince really cleaned up with the 144 Es earlier tonight.  An email from him to the NLRS reflector (  reported 9 different states.  

   The 144.250 Badger Contesters net ( was busy.   We had:
   WB9WKJ    Randy   EN62    Racine            S9
   K9FI            Jerry     EN53    Brookfield     S7
   KC8ZJL      Dennis   EN71    Cecil, OH       S2    off the side, to boot.
   W9GA        Ken          EN53    Colgate          30 over S9 — local.   
   N9JBW      John        EN61   S side Chicago   S9       John and I would like to invite you to his Thur. nite net at 7pm on 144.220.   It’s the Q5 net, and gets check-ins from a wide area.   Listen along and see what you hear.  
   N9WU       Rick         EN53    Germantown   S9     Rick checking in w 50 watts for a change! 
   W0FAY    Bill           EN42    Dubuque        S9
   KA0OKM  Harley   EN42    Dubuque       S9
   KB5ZJU   Phil         EN63   Sheboygan Falls    30 over  — local
   W9HQ      David  and KC9JTL   Christopher    Nice S9 signal from EN43  Westby, WI
   WA9FWT   Phil     EN63    Sheboygan      20 over — local
   AA9GC    Herb      EN63    Milwaukee     25 over    Herb’s loudest signal ever
   AH6EZ/9  Dick     EN51   St. Charles, IL    S3 with attic eggbeater, but S9 with attic 19 el beam.   Always nice to have new check-ins; thanks for stopping by.
   WB9LYH   Mark    EN54   Rudolph, WI   20 over S9
   KC9LCW   Roger   EN61    La Porte, IN   S9   

   Will 144 open up with sporadic E skip tomorrow?  It did a little bit on Tuesday; it opened up big-time this early evening…

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