Next contest ARRL Sep. VHF QSO Party — Sep. 12/13

   We’ve got one last ARRL contest coming up this summer.   Here’s the link to the rules:  All bands from 6 and 2 meters on up. 

   This contest runs from 1pm or 1800 utc on Sat. Sept. 12th until 10pm or 0300 utc on Sun/Mon. Sept. 13/14th.   Operate as much or as little as you care to.  

   This ‘test gets very good activity levels.   It’s one you want to make some time for.   If you’re considering going roving, please do.   Post your plans here or with regional reflectors associated with V/UHF clubs like Badger Contesters (, Northern Lights Radio Society  ( or Society of Midwest Contesters (

    One thing to be aware of — this has to do with the first week of NFL games impacting the contest.   I’ve definitely noticed that when the Packers, Bears, Lions or Vikings are playing, activity dries up.   If you’re making rover plans, I would definitely take into account that the Packers and Bears play each other on national TV —  Sept. 13th, at 7pm.   To me, this means the last few hours (which are typically very active) may not be nearly as active this year.   Or I could be wrong — I realize plenty of hams don’t care much for sports.   But I’ve always noticed a big drop-off in activity when the local NFL teams are playing.

3 Responses to “Next contest ARRL Sep. VHF QSO Party — Sep. 12/13”

  1. KC9ECI Says:

    I’m making arrangements to do this portable, from a higher elevation than Decorah Peak. This time Mike, N0EXE and I will be on a peak just a bit to the North and West of where we were last time.

  2. K9MU Says:

    I’ll be operating from my new home QTH near Altoona, WI on the bottom four bands. This will be my first time operating a contest from this location. I have ordered new yagis for 144, 222, and 432 Mhz and will hopefully get everything up and running in the next few weeks. I’m really looking forward to this contest. Finally, no more lugging heavy radio gear around, no more sleeping on a hard cement floor, and fridge near full of beer and pizza! With KC9BQA’s promoting efforts, I have no doubt that activity will be high. Now he has to do something about that tropo! Good luck to all and have fun!


    Justin – K9MU

  3. kc9eci Says:

    Should be a cinch to work you from here to Altoona Justin, I’ll be keeping an ear out for your signals on 6,2, and 440