146.43 FM net *ON* tonight

   THE 146.43 FM NET IS ON TOMORROW NIGHT… in stages.   KC9KPV Randy just NW of Milwaukee calls with his 10 el vertical beam toward MI/IN and ILL from 0130-0200 or 8:30-9:00pm eastern.   He looks toward MI at 0130, toward IN about 0140 and toward IL about 0150.   If you’d like to flex your muscles a little on FM simplex, point toward Randy and give him a shout.  
   I call the omni portion of the net at 0200, with a vertical up 90?.   We get a good group of local guys, and we listen hard for the weak ones just beyond SE WI.   All are welcome to listen along or say hello.   If you’re DX and you know you’re going to try checking in, it never hurts to drop me an email before the net.   I’m good in qrz.com. 

   Spread the word, have you and a buddy both trying checking in.   Be creative.   We’re getting more activity lately from the area north of Madison.   We’re also always open to the option of stronger stations farther away stirring up activity in their area, in conjunction with this net.   A longer-term goal is to have simplex activity spread out a few hundred miles, with helpers.  Many ways this can be accomplished.  Email me if you’re interested.   Or we can discuss it on the air.

One Response to “146.43 FM net *ON* tonight”

  1. John,K0QH Says:

    Our DX Contest Club in Ste. Genevieve,MO (abt 50 miles South of St. Louis) uses 146.43 as a local hangout. Once in a while I heard other stations on so guess I’m hearing you guy’s.