Have fun on 144 Wed. night without net controls.

    There will be no formal net controls Wed. night on 144.240 or on 144.250.    Both WB9LYH and I will be away.   It’s possible LYH will be back after 0200Z, but no guarantees.  
    Every week we’ve had 40 or more VHF’ers checking in.   Don’t let the bands go quiet just because two guys are missing.    If it’s convenient for you, make some noise tomorrow night.  

    Get on 144 Wed. night and call CQ.   Swing your beams around.   Use that www.on4kst.com chat if you want to.   Since this isn’t a net, you might slide down near the call freq. of 144.200.    If you’re new, please don’t monopolize the 144.200 call freq.    You might go to 144.240/144.250 every now and again to let folks know the nets are off.    Some don’t check the website or read email.  

    W9NHE is supposed to be at his deer camp very close to the EN55/56 border in far N WI Wed. night.   He’ll have a dipole and 100w.   If you want a tough grid, look his way on 144.240, starting at 7pm.   Or someone tell W9NHE the nets are off and everyone’s doing their own thing.

     The 146.43 FM net on Thur. is *OFF*.    Everything should  be back on next week.  

     Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.   I’m very grateful that hundreds of you have helped make the bands livelier the past year and a half.    We’ll have a lot more fun in 2010.   

     Save the weekend of January 23-24th, as that’s the ARRL VHF Sweepstakes.    I realize some hams don’t do contests, but for those who are curious, I’m happy to help.   I enjoy the contests very much and the VHF contests aren’t nearly as crowded or as  competitive as what you hear on HF.    So keep an open mind and give VHF contesting a try.   We’ll talk more about it as time permits.   If you want to get up to speed sooner, let me know directly.
     The VHF contests are (to me) the single most exciting time on our bands.   There’s plenty of activity on bands like 50, 144, 222, 432 MHz.   If you have gear for 900 or 1296 MHz, you can find guys to make Q’s with.   Some guys enjoy the point-n-shoot nature of 10 gigahertz communications.   Hams who are antenna-restricted equip their vehicles with antennas and rigs and go roving.   If you want to be a friend to VHF contesters, go roving and activate different grid squares.   Rovers are excellent. 
     Don’t think you have to be a big gun to enjoy a V/UHF contest.   If only big guns got on, it would be boring working the same 10-15 guys over and over each year.  We’ve found a lot of new contesters in and near WI the past year.

One Response to “Have fun on 144 Wed. night without net controls.”

  1. Dave Says:

    If anyone is reading this I’ll be on the air for the nets tonite from EN43jv, LaCrosse
    area. I’ll make some calls on 240, 250 and 200.

    dave, WV9E