144.240 net on now + welcome to National Contest Journal visitors

    Had a pleasant surprise in my mailbox today.   I’m a subscriber to ARRL’s NCJ, or National Contest Journal (www.ncjweb.com)  and in the V/UHF column written by N0JK Jon, several clubs and individuals got some good publicity.    I’m happy for the publicity, because it raises general V/UHF awareness.    The article also lets folks across the USA know about the good reach with our Wed. 144 nets, and gives some well-deserved ink for WB9LYH’s fine station.  
    This article is on Pg 21 of NCJ.    It’s well worth reading.    In it, NLRS, SMC and CVVHF get credit for helping to promote regional activity.   I wish the Badger Contesters had been mentioned, because it’s my home club, and they’ve been very helpful in getting me going (back in 2002-2004).    
     The BC’ers (www.badgercontesters.org) are a good club to join, if you’re within 175 miles of our Oshkosh, WI circle.    I believe BC has had 5-10 new members in the past year or so.    Hope we can get more on board for the 2010 contest season.   We want you WI, N IL, NE IA and W MI VHF’ers to submit your contest scores with BC for club competition.    All those areas are within the 175 mile circle centered on Oshkosh, WI.    In fact, here’s a graphic:  http://www.badgercontesters.org/club_area.html   Join the BC’ers now and you’ll be set up to submit your score in the ARRL Jan VHF Sweepstakes on Jan 23-24th.   It’s free, no obligation and the sign-up instructions are on the BC home page.   You contact K9DQ to join, and you contact W9FZ to get signed up to the BC email reflector.  

    The article also praises the efforts of N0IRS and the Kansas City VHF Grid Bandits  (www.kcvhfgridbandits.com) and W9FZ Bruce, who put a big push on for promoting activity in the Great Plains for the Sept. 2009 ARRL VHF QSO Party.    If you haven’t visited the KCVHFGB website, you should.   That is one excellent V/UHF website.    Tons of information, plus a dazzling array of audio/video clips of V/UHF DX and Contest Operations.    JD N0IRS will be pleased to sign you up as a member.   It’s free and open to anyone who loves VHF/UHF. 
    If you want to see how W9FZ put together a nifty website coordinating the Sept. contest activity, visit www.w9fz.com/midwestmania09/

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