222 Tuesday report and 144.240 Wed. net report

   I’ve been away from the house much of the last 4 days.   It’s a Holiday thing.   Three Christmases to visit, plus friends on Tuesday/Wednesday nights.   Lots of fun.   
   From various emails and sources, I’m happy to report that plenty good is occurring on the bands without my direct involvement.   Which is fantastic, because it means we’re building a broad base of interest.   The only way we make lasting gains with V/UHF activity levels is by many hams getting involved on a consistent basis.  

   I received email from K5SW Sam in EM25, regarding his 222 Tuesday.  
“Even tho no enhancement tonites group was best so far-
N4JQQ EM55 hrd only

on band in area but not worked/hrd-
K5OMG EL49 ( I think he meant N5OMG Danny, who is a 222’er)

Maybe next Tuesday will be better

Sam K5SW”

    I also checked out the www.on4kst.com chat, using the “chat review” feature.   I saw very little activity on that page from 0100-0400 Tuesday night.   But… when I checked the 222 MHz Propagation Logger, that showed a LOT of activity.   http://dxworld.com/220prop.html   In fact, the (mostly) 5-landers were using the logger so heavily, I had to use the “look back” feature to see the entire picture.   http://dxworld.com/220proplookback.php   So those guys were using 222 and networking via the computer to get better results.   Bravo.   
     An added bonus of using the prop logger is that it leaves a “paper trail” on a website that hundreds of guy see.   So those fence-sitters see that 222 is being used and it makes them more likely to get involved.   Visibly promoting ham radio activity is a very good thing.   No matter what aspect of hamming you’re interested in, you’ll see better results if you do a little promotion.  

     On Wed. night, WB9LYH was able to do the 144.240 net from 0100-0230Z.   He starts out looking E toward MI and then slowly edges clockwise, calling CQ frequently.    From his email report below, I count 21 check-ins spread across 16 grids, which I think is amazing on a pre-holiday night with atrocious weather across a lot of the Midwest.   I also saw fairly heavy use of the www.on4kst.com chat, and it looks like a number of guys tried QSY’ing down to 144.230 to work each other directly, once net control had passed by their area.  
     In short, Wed. continues to be a very worthwhile night to play radio on SSB 2m.  

 Tough conditions but some good contacts.  These were KB8U en71, K9KHW (en63), N8JDO en62, WD9DSN en71, KC9HBT  and KC9FLU in Wood county Wisconsin (local to Mark), KB9BJH (en53), W9YZU em69, WB9TFH (en53), K0KP en36, KO0Z em48, KB9WZJ em69, N0IRS(em28), WD9BGA en53, W0FAY(en42), WV9E(en43), KC0TRX en34, N9KOR en44, W0ANH(en47), and VE3KRP(en58).   KC9NZR (en53) was calling but we were not able to communicate.

Merry Christmas. 
Mark, WB9LYH

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