Merry Christmas — Happy Holidays

    Have just a few minutes before we’re out the door for the next round of Christmas celebrations.    I know we get 600-800 unique visitors to this website every month so I wanted to send Season’s Greetings to everyone.  

    Tomorrow or Sunday, I hope to share good news about last week’s 222 Tuesday and the great net that WB9LYH in EN54 had on Wed. night the 23rd.   Had at least 20 check-ins with (again) lousy weather).   He sent me a list, and I’ll share it with you when I have a little more time.  

    Very soon, I’m going to start typing up some of my suggestions or resolutions to improve V/UHF in 2010 and beyond.   I’ll try to post one a day starting tomorrow or Sunday.   I’ll also try to keep the topics separate and fairly short.   I know, I know… I’ve said that before, right??   🙂

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