This Week’s Activities

    Every Monday, you have 144 and 432 activity.   N0PB Phil from EM39, North Central MO calls a SWOT net (Side Winders On Two  see their website at  at 7:45pm or 0145Z.   N0PB calls with Big Wheel omnis from 0145-0200 as a warmup and then he switches to the yagi at 0200Z.   He looks S at 0200, E at 0215, N at 0230, W at 0245 and is back to S by 0300.   This net is on 144.250 every Monday and gets a lot of check-ins across a very wide area.  
     432 activity is hard to find outside of a contest or band opening, but we have it on Mondays in the Midwest.   Tune in to 432.100 at 0200Z for N4PZ in EN52gb, or a little west of Rockford, IL.   Steve has a big 432 station, but the beams are sharp.   You might think nothing’s going on, but when he turns your way, you hear it!     This 432.100 activity has been going on for some months now, and they’ve got a good group.   They have check-ins from KS to IN, so a wide area is targeted.  Some of the guys QSY up to 432.110 to work each other.   You could also check the 432 prop logger at and see what’s happening there. 

      222 Tuesday is always *ON*.   This is getting momentum in the eastern Great Lakes, northern Florida and a wide area of the south.   Talking LA, OK, and plenty of TX stations, too.  
     222 Tuesday is a general activity night.   No net control or set procedure.   Simply get on and call CQ, swing the beams, try to stir up activity in many areas.   Seems most guys have been concentrating on the 0100-0400Z time frame.   The 222 propagation logger was VERY busy last week.    
      An added bonus for Midwestern 222’ers is that the Hepburn Tropo Forecast Map actually predicts some light enhancement for Tues. night.   Nothing whopping, but hey, it’s the dead of winter!   So there may be a little lift.   (the forecast refreshes each day about 1745-1800Z) 

     Wednesday the 144 nets from WI will be *ON*.    WB9LYH is on 144.240 at 0100-0230Z, from EN54cl, or the middle of WI.   He looks east toward MI to start with, and then swings clockwise from there.   I will be on 144.250 from 0230-0330 or so, calling the Badger Contesters net   (   All are welcome to listen along or say hello to either net.   The purpose is to stir up more activity on 2m SSB.    We make good use of the free, real-time VHF/UHF chat at   Use it to coordinate more activity across different areas and from different check-ins.   Why work just net control?   Why not try to work the several dozen guys who are on the air?   When multiple guys are calling CQ in different directions, that’s when the band comes alive.  

      Thursday, our 146.43 FM net is *OFF*.   We’ll resume on Thursday, Jan. 7th, 2010.  

      N9JBW runs a SSB net on 144.220 every Thursday.   Since he doesn’t promote via email, I have no idea if he’ll be on for New Year’s Eve or not.   But it wouldn’t hurt to check 144.220 at 7pm central, or 0100Z.   N9JBW is John and he’s located on the south side of Chicago.   He calls his net the Q5 net and gets good activity.   He stops by our WI nets often to say hello and to invite us to check in with his Q5 net.

      Please spread the word about these nets or activities.   So many hams say that V/UHF is dead, when they really just need to know where/when to look.    All these nets and activity have gotten more business the last year, so this is a very good time to get involved.

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