WB9LYH Has 27 check-ins at 0220Z. Lots of new calls heard.

   WB9LYH ended up with 27 check-ins.   I’m up on 144.250 shortly, looking south to start, and then going clockwise.  
   The new calls (to the nets) tonight were:   K9KBZ, N9GH, WA9DX, W1WJS, WA9BNZ, WB0ISK, KA0JW and N9CIQ.   The middle 5 stations were from ILL, so a very good turnout from that area tonight.  
   27 check-ins in the dead of winter is most impressive.   It’s impressive any time of the year.   I’m always amazed at how many hams have decent V/UHF stations.   The trick is getting those stations on the air. 
   I hope many QSY’d down to 144.230 or lower, to try and work each other.   I know several did.   
   I’ll put up a full report later tonight or tomorrow.

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