Wish List for 2010 and Beyond Item #1

    I got this idea from a ham in another state, so I can’t take credit for it.   But a good idea is a good idea regardless of the source. 
   —  Have stations go rover or portable to good QTH’s during weekly nets or activity periods .   Plus, make sure it’s publicized ahead of time, so folks will know to tune in.  —
  V/UHF’ers enjoy working something unusual, or tougher.   When the weather improves, if some guys/gals would take a decent station on the road for 144, 222 or 432 nets or activity periods, it would be a real hit.   You wouldn’t have to drive hours away.   Just a grid away from your usual populated areas would do.   Or if you’re tired of operating from your limited home QTH, then go portable to a hilltop or tower and become the strong signal you always wanted to be.   Location is so important with V/UHF.   Why not put a great location to work and stir up more activity during a net?  
     Several of you have expressed an interest in doing this, so I’m optimistic that in time, it will happen.    The best activity would occur with some publicity ahead of time.   An email to someone with a big mouth (like me) a few days ahead of time would suffice. 

     There would be multiple benefits to going portable for a net. 
     1)   Hand out a tougher grid to several dozen check-ins.
     2)  Test antennas and gear on the air. 
     3)  Enjoy fresh air.   Get out of the city, watch the sunset, stars, etc.           
     4)  Get some experience with roving, without a large time commitment.      
     5)  Bring along a prospective ham or rover, so they can hear what activity on weak-signal V/UHF sounds like. 
     6)  It would bring contesters and non-contesters closer.    Some contesters don’t care for the weekly routine of nets.   Some guys who enjoy nets think contests are too hectic.    Having a portable or mobile station that goes to a different grid is something everyone enjoys.

     Who is interested in doing this in 2010?   Who will spread the word to other parts of the country?   There are many good nets all across the USA.   Sometimes nets can use a little variety, and this is a great way to create more interest.

2 Responses to “Wish List for 2010 and Beyond Item #1”

  1. Peter Dobson Says:

    howdy there, simply wanted to say thanks alot for this post, it let me become aware of one thing I didn’t given a lot of attention to it beforehand.

  2. Walter - K5EST Says:

    A national sked website for all of us to upload or check for portable/rover activity would sure be nice.