Email, Email, Email — Here’s who I email every week.

    If you’re looking for this morning’s 144 net announcements, they’re down 2 posts.   Both WB9LYH and I are *ON* tonight.   Full details are on a Mar. 2nd post.   

    Some guys have asked who all I email.   I email the following groups, to spread the word about the 144 SSB nets on Wed. and to ask them to visit the website for announcements, etc. 
    Badger Contesters              
    Northern Lights Radio Society
    Chippewa Valley VHF           
    Society of Midwest Contesters
    La Crosse Hams                             (had good success with the EN43 area)
    Winona (MN) ARC                         (never hear anyone from this group)
    Steel City ARC                               (Pittsburgh, trying to involve W PA, W VA, W NY etc.) 
    Then there’s my Yahoo Groups I ping:
    KCVHF Grid Bandits  (N0IRS)         I visit this site frequently — 
    PrimeARA                                     (trying to involve St. Louis area)
    SLAMS               St. Louis Area Microwave Society — Excellent site for uWavers
    WestMichiganHams                          W MI is a VHF/UHF chip shot for me so I try to
    kalamazoohamradio                         keep these  two general ham lists informed.
    shebham                                      Sheboygan WI ARC — my backyard
    MadisonAmateurRadio                   Also WI
    OzaukeeRadioClub                        Also my backyard.  
    Then there are some lists I’ve made by hand — from my logs:
    MI/OH/IN 2 meter Hams
    Midwest and Plains 2 meter Hams
    MRAC FM Simplex Contestants

    It’s 6:20am local right now.   When I’m done with this post, I’ll start sending to these groups.   It’s not as bad as it may sound, because I do a lot of copying and pasting from one email to the next.   Just adjust a time zone here or there, maybe a few sentences.   I enjoy typing and writing, so most of the time, it’s fun for me.  
    I figure that if every one of these hams reads their email, I am reaching 2000-3000 hams.    That is wildly optimistic though.   I always encourage them to visit the website, and of course, to turn on their rigs and try a net, or else call CQ on their own.   From all that, we may get 35-50 guys from various states to play along on Wed. nights.    If I get 110-120 unique visitors to the website in one day, that’s above average.    The busiest website days are always Wed. and Thur., unless there’s a contest.

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  1. steven wendt KB9RDS Indy Says:

    Send your announcement email to and he will put it in the Wed nite Indy area net announcements.