144 Trying to Open Last Night and This Morning

   8:30am Sunday morning — 
   Last night, about 11-midnight there was good activity into KS and S MO and E OK.   I was on the fringes of it, but a few contacts were made.   This morning, I’m hearing guys in Indiana working stations in TN and GA.   Unfortunately, I cannot copy the southern stations.   I suspect that will change, because of the favorable weather pattern.   
   What was fun to hear last night was KA0KYZ in EN33 (SE MN) working stations on 500 mile paths.   Why was that fun?   Because KA0KYZ was using a single omni loop up 60′, and 10 watts.  
   You can watch all the maps and spots you care to.   But there is NO substitute for getting on and calling CQ.   Why do I say that?   Because I’ve been out here in the shed for hours and have heard virtually zero local activity.  

    I used to basically get on for only the contests.   Now the past 2 years,  I’ve put the effort in every Wed. and Thur. with the SSB and FM simplex nets.    What I’ve learned from that is there are way more V/UHF stations than I ever realized.   What I’m also learning is that any given time, perhaps 2 or 3% of them are actually on the air, or calling CQ.   I have no idea how to correct that, but our issue is lack of activity, or desire.

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  1. JD/N0IRS Says:

    I finally got the video finished up from thw 22/23 May night of enhancement. KA0KYZ/KC9BQA and KB9WZJ and others. Nice to get this one up on YouTube!